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Hello Artist here? I do Pixel art, Art Hand drawn art Animate, I have a Youtube Channel As well...I do Tutorials, and Animations, Shorts Full Films Even Series...


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Hello I'm looking to collab with animators like myself...to do some series with me....anyone willing to will get one of their own protagonists based on them or what ever they want? this series will be a serious type story with action and romance...with occasional jokes....it's going to be either an anime or a marvel and dc style cartoon series...with zombies...monsters....anything and everything...? background designers welcome....voice actors/actresses welcome...script or screen play writers welcome anyone interested in this may join me...like i said anyone who joins will get a cameo of their choosing please note( no cartoon character or anime characters that are not yours or belong to a team of designers in other words if you yourself do not own the character that you chose will not be in the show and will not be tolerated) otherwise welcome... anyone who helps also gets rights to the series and will be allowed to host on their channel too


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Hello I want to make a realistic series from spongebob... with new characters

Hello I want to make a custom badass series with Spongebob realistic characters... I currently have Mr.Krabs Patrick Star Spongebob and sandy plus three various anchovies I want to make a serious film fan film with more serious than funny... I need a screenplay writter to write a good story... for the film... Of course this is just for fun so no payment... I need voice actors... and if you help I'll make a 3d character of yor choice to add the the film... I'll show you guys the characters right now....


Patrick Star Rolled has been filed and Mr. Krabs Roll Has Been filed Remaining Characters Sandy Cheeks Patrick PewterSchmidt

And Meg Griffin Plankton Rick Sanchez and Morty From Rick and Morty

This is going to be a Cross over Event Short Film About 20 Minutes lone maybe 25 depending on the voiceovers and and fight scenes I'm doing the Animating

And 3d Sculpting and Rigging all you have to do is voice act

I just decided to write the screenplay myself so that roll has been filled

uust need actors/actresses to voice act.

so there is a preview of the characters I would like to have help with this fun project you can email me if interrested on here or my two emails tomascolt12@gmail.com or tomascolt14@yahoo.com.com


open for commisions

Hello I'm doing commission portraits I'm really good at I can do realistic portraits of furries human aliens you named if you need creepy that I can do....

anyways I'm not wanting money just art will do... I need animation and I'm disabled and can't work... so I really need help so I am offering art in return for animations, art and voice acting....

for full characters it will cost you two characters, or two voice over files preferably wav format... for animation it will cost you 30 seconds of animation these are my prices

for a reference sheet or model sheet it will cost for animation it will cost you one minute of animation colored full colored and shadows....for voice acting it will cost 5 lines of dialogue.

for just face portrait it will just cost you either one drawing colored or 25 seconds of animation full line art refined but if you want it to be more realistic then it will cost 3 minutes of animation

if you want to see my work I'll limk it here...

Portaits: https://www.deviantart.com/xxdowntoearthfooxx/art/Dwportrait-895316698?ga_submit_new=10%3A1634622093

and link 2: https://www.deviantart.com/xxdowntoearthfooxx/art/dylan-sd1-794243218

for characters I link it here my work: bust: https://www.deviantart.com/xxdowntoearthfooxx/art/Scn-0041-838846459

for full I link here: https://www.deviantart.com/xxdowntoearthfooxx/art/Scn-0048-838847345

for creepy bust: I link here: https://www.deviantart.com/xxdowntoearthfooxx/art/Scn-0038-838845910

I can do pixel art too but I'm better at drawing if you want a cute 8 bit character it will cost you nothing just credit... but you must order a commission first ....

I can do realistic pixel art characters too but that it a lot of work so it will cost you extra art such as full character sheet or 5 minutes of animation....

to show you what I can do?

links: https://www.deviantart.com/xxdowntoearthfooxx/art/LizOrange-armed-strip16-863442760

top down : https://www.deviantart.com/xxdowntoearthfooxx/art/2021-Mature-Tds-Asset-Pack-881161892





when you make a commision request please give complete description so you get the best out of this.... if you wan the best result I remomend a reference...

I hate pokemon but if you request it I'll do my best to make a realistic character for you.... if you want pixel art...

animated pixel art will cost you 30 seconds of animation for each animation I do of pixel art...

anyways best requards... :)